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Keychain favorite person Florence

Keychain favorite person Florence

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The combination of cowhide and stainless steel makes the Florence key ring a robust and long-lasting companion. Connecting keys securely and, above all, stylishly has never been so easy - with the word “Favorite Person” embossed on it, the pendant is also ideal as a gift.



Functionality and style are combined in the Florence key ring, as each pendant is made of pure cowhide and is therefore very robust.

A pleasant leather scent and the soft leather itself skilfully round off the result

The features are skilfully rounded off by the use of high-quality stainless steel for the key ring. Like every product from KAVAJ, this key ring is also made by hand.

This key ring is also characterized by its versatility - it can also be used as a suitcase or bag charm.

Timeless design and embossing give the Florence key ring a personal touch, making it ideal as a gift.

Measurements and weight:

Material: 100% genuine leather
silver stainless steel description:

The KAVAJ Florence key ring is a product that exudes a high level of style and security thanks to the combination of high-quality leather and stainless steel. The favorite person key ring is available in black and cognac brown, which makes it easy to combine with other high-quality products from KAVAJ, such as the Venice leather luggage tag or the Milano leather cosmetic bag .

Elegant design and high utility – the KAVAJ key ring favorite person Florence

Stylishly putting the keys together is child's play with the Favorite Person leather key ring from KAVAJ. Due to the engraving of the leather with the word “Favorite Person”, the KAVAJ Keychain Favorite Person is also ideal as a gift for your friends, acquaintances, relatives and loved ones. Joy about such a personal gift is inevitable. The soft and leather-scented surface of the love key ring skilfully rounds off the appearance. The product is handmade and only high-quality materials are used in its production. But this product is not only used as a key ring, but also as a suitcase or bag charm - envious glances are inevitable.

High-quality materials complete the favorite person Florence key ring

The Florence key ring combines the finest cowhide leather with stainless steel. This means that this product has a long service life on the one hand and high durability on the other. This means you always have your most important keys together in style and you don't end up in situations where you search in vain for your key in your bag. Treat not only yourself, but also your friends, family or partner with a stylish gift from KAVAJ - the favorite person keychain.

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