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iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Leather Amsterdam

iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Leather Amsterdam

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The iPhone 11 Pro case with strap made of genuine black leather ensures that you have your hands free, your iPhone is always with you and that you have bank cards and cash with you - a true all-rounder.



You can create your own look with different colored cords and have the perfect addition to your outfit.

At 1.5 meters long, the cord is long enough that you can adjust it to your individual size.

Your cell phone is always with you and you have your hands free when you need them - the iPhone 11 Pro case with strap from KAVAJ makes it possible.

High-quality materials were used in this cell phone chain so that your iPhone gets the protection it deserves.

Mobile phone case, chain and wallet in one - this mobile phone chain from KAVAJ is an all-rounder.

Measurements and weight:

Weight: 52g
Height: 13mm
Width: 80mm
Length: 161mm


Inside: Hardened plastic & flexible TPU silicone
Back: Genuine cowhide leather
Cord: Polyester


iPhone 11 Pro case with band Amsterdam - new iPhone, new case

With the iPhone 11 Pro Max cases with strap from KAVAJ, something completely new comes to the KAVAJ range. The Amsterdam is the first cell phone chain that not only looks good and is very useful, but is also a stylish 3-in-1 solution to protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max . The cell phone case with chain not only offers that Your device is always at hand and your iPhone is protected, but it is also a wallet. You can choose between seven different cord colors, such as white, dark red or black. You can also choose between a ring in gold, silver or rose gold. The cell phone chain is made of high-quality, black leather and can therefore be combined with any outfit, as well as with the other products from KAVAJ's large range, such as the women's leather Vienna wallets or the iPad Pro 11" leather cases . That's you always fashionable.

High-quality materials and high utility - the iPhone 11 Pro Max case with band Amsterdam

On September 10, 2019, Apple announced the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max case with strap is named after one of the most famous fashion cities, Amsterdam. The back is made of high-quality genuine leather and has two integrated slots for discreet and, above all, safe storage of banknotes, ID cards and bank cards. You always have your device with you and your hands free at the right moment. For ideal protection against scratches, dirt or other damage, the mobile phone case with chain is not only made from cowhide leather, but also from hardened plastic and TPU silicone. The slightly protruding edge also ensures that not only the edges of the iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5", but also the display are protected. In addition, the iPhone 11 Pro Max case with band Amsterdam not only impresses with its outstanding protection, but is also a Real eye-catcher. You can also use the wireless charging of your device without removing the case and therefore without restrictions.

iPhone 11 Pro Max case with band Amsterdam - goes with any outfit

You can adjust the 1.5 meter long cord, which is available in seven colors, exactly to your size and wishes. The cord is made of polyester and is therefore not only robust but also weatherproof. The back is made of high-quality leather, is particularly soft and can be combined with any outfit due to the black color. You always have cash, bank or business cards and ID with you - safely stored in the integrated wallet of the iPhone 11 Pro Max case with strap Amsterdam from KAVAJ.

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