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Here you can find some frequently asked questions from our customers.

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Before purchase

Why should I buy from KAVAJ?

Our products are simply beautiful, and we are certain that there are no other accessories that will complement the elegance of your tablet device like KAVAJ's cases and accessories. We strive to perfect our elegant, highly functional products even further, and we make progress every day. And of course, we're excited to share these advances with you, our customers.

What material is used?

The outer material of almost all of our products is 100% genuine, soft and rich cowhide leather. We have had our genuine leather tested for you.

Where are your products produced?

Our bags are all produced in Guangdong Province, China and Bangkok, Thailand, where Apple manufactures their products.

Where can I buy your products and where do you ship to?

You can buy our bags in our webshop on, Amazon., Amazon. fr.

The complete logistic process and shipping is in the hands of Amazon. Amazon in Europe unfortunately does not currently handle shipping to non-EU countries due to various customs regulations of the individual countries. The following countries are supplied by Amazon Europe:

Orders placed through, and are shipped to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

As a citizen of Switzerland you can purchase our products without complications via .

Can I have a look at your sleeves in a store first?

No, to keep costs down we do not sell our products in traditional retail stores. We can pass these savings on to our customers. People often wonder how we can keep prices so low for our high quality products. This is due to our simple business model of manufacturing unparalleled products and selling them through the world's leading online retailer. However, we offer every customer a 30-day return policy, so people can buy and look at the bag worry-free.

Do you carry bags for devices other than those shown on your website?

No. We only carry bags that can be found on our website. If a new product is planned or available, we will immediately update our website and add it.

Where can I read customer reviews?

There are already hundreds of customer reviews about our cases on You can read them here in German and here in English(here for the UK version - the star rating is easy to transfer from English!). You can find all video reviews on our Pinterest board

After the purchase

I'm having trouble using my bag. Where can I find help?

Your bag doesn't stand up correctly, doesn't close properly, or the power button is stuck? You'll find all the answers, videos and user guides in our FAQ section (int. link to "User Guide").

I placed an order by mistake. What do I have to do?

When ordering via Amazon, you have the option to cancel the order via your Amazon customer account for a period of 30 minutes after the purchase. If the bag is already in the shipping process of Amazon, please send the delivered bag back to Amazon in its original packaging as soon as it has arrived. A return can be arranged within 30 days free of charge via the Amazon customer account under "My orders". You can find out how to cancel an item on the Amazon returns centerwebsite

. If you order through our webshop, please send us an email directly with your request to

I would like to return my product purchased through Amazon. What do I have to do?

Returns are handled directly through Amazon, as all of our inventory is stored at Amazon. You can find out how to return an item on the Amazon returns center website

As soon as the bag arrives at the warehouse, Amazon will refund you the purchase amount.

I would like to return my product purchased through your webshop.

Just send us an email to and please include your order number in the email.

My bag has a defect. What can I do?

Please contact us at with your order number and a photo of the defect. From Monday to Friday you will usually receive an answer within 48 hours. We promise you: We will take care of your problem as soon as possible and solve it as uncomplicated and unbureaucratic as possible. Our goal is to solve your request in the first contact.

What are the warranty periods?

Basically, we provide the warranty of 2 years on all bags as required by law.

Within 30 days after purchase, you can return a bag purchased through Amazon directly to Amazon free of charge. You can find out how to do this here.

After 30 days, please contact our customer service directly with your order number:

Instruction manual

How does the stand function work properly?

Due to the material properties of leather, the stand function may not work properly at first. If this is the case for you, please watch these customer videos:

iPad cases stand function

iPad 3 case stand function

If your stand function does not work even with the help of the tips in the customer video, our customer service will be happy to help you:

What should I do if the power button is stuck?

Due to the material properties of leather, the case may be very tight at the beginning, which affects the function of the power button. If you vigorously stretch the bag outward 3 to 4 times at the power button location, the button should work properly. This is demonstrated in this video:

If you have any questions about this, please contact

Why does the magnetic closing function not work correctly?

Due to the material properties of leather, the bag may be very tight at first and the lid may not close 100%.

However, this should settle after a short period of use. The crease of the lid should become significantly softer and more flexible, comparable to wearing in a genuine leather shoe. You can also speed up this process manually by folding and rolling the crease a bit. It is also important that your device has been pushed completely into the case with pressure.

My case smells unpleasant after unpacking. Is this intentional?

As a rule, our cases smell pleasantly of genuine leather. Our bags undergo a final cleaning before packing and shipping, for example to remove glue residues. In some cases, the bags may not have been given enough time to air and may have been packed too quickly. However, the odor should dissipate on its own after a short time. If this is not the case with your bag, please contact

The speech intelligibility in combination with my "Dallas" iPhone case fluctuates - why?

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not an exclusive problem of our "Dallas" case, but rather a fundamental problem or phenomenon of flip cases / covers, which now also affects Apple itself with your 110€ expensive original iPhone X Folio Case.(Source)

The iPhone, like most smartphones available today, has a microphone on the back between the two camera lenses. Ambient sounds are picked up by this microphone and the microphone is controlled by the software for speaking. These are covered by the display's leather cover, as long as the lid is folded back completely. This leads to the software not being able to control the sound when noise suppression is activated and depending on the ambient noise and depending on the ambient noise, the software can't process the signal properly, which can lead to interferences during a phone call.

This can only be remedied by not folding the lid of the case completely back during a phone call or if, by sticking a finger between the back and the lid.

Is wireless charging of iPhone`s, which support this feature, possible with our cases?

Wireless charging is possible with all our cases. You just have to make sure that the back compartments of the case remain free during wireless charging, otherwise the distance between the charger and the iPhone might be/become too big. It is also important that cards with information that is stored magnetically, such as EC/credit cards, are not placed in the rear compartments during the charging process, as they could be damaged by the current flowing wirelessly.

All necessary information regarding the wireless charging process of your iPhone can also be found under the following link:

In particular, please pay attention to the point "further information".

Customer tips for the care of your bag: How do I care for the bag and what is the best way to do so?

Our genuine leather bags are made of cowhide from the epidermis. As an example, our customers successfully care for their bags with Dr. Wack A1 2510 Leather Care, a jojoba oil-based product.

To guarantee the best result, please proceed as follows:

- Apply the leather cream evenly with a soft cloth. Use a little more cream on the creases
- then polish the case with another cloth
- the seams can also be cleaned with a soft clothes brush.

Why doesn't the wake-up function work for me?

The setting for the wake-up function is located under Settings/General -> Lock/Unlock iPad case. You have to activate it (switch must be set to blue) so that your iPad turns on and off when you open and close the iPad case.

If the wake-up function is already activated, please contact


What is KAVAJ?

We are a manufacturer of technology - and fashion - accessories located in Sweden. We are very proud of the enthusiastic customer feedback on our elegant and highly functional products. The products we make are sleek, elegant, modern, professional, incomparable and often unique in the market.

Why did you start KAVAJ?

Because we really couldn't find a single case to our own taste for the original iPad as a worthy counterpart to its simple beauty.

What colors are the products available in?

Black looks professional, modern and classic.

But the real eye-catcher and frequent topic of conversation are the second color choice - cognac brown. This is an incredibly rich, stunning color - we don't know of any other technology accessories with a similarly captivating look. Our customers tell us time and time again that they are often asked about their cognac brown cases.

So your cases are thin ...

Not just thin, but exceptionally thin. Fantastically thin! Unlike many other case manufacturers, we eliminate plastic parts whenever possible - one reason why our cases are so incredibly thin. The leather has been specially treated to make it extremely thin. This means that the case is absolutely unobtrusive and your tablet or smartphone is hardly wider or thicker in the KAVAJ case than the "naked" device.

How do your products sell?

Not only do our cases find a lot of buyers, they have quickly risen to become the best-selling cases in Germany and the UK, our first two markets. Our customers are particularly enthusiastic about the quality of workmanship, elegance and high functionality of KAVAJ products.

What do your customers say?

We are particularly pleased every time our customers report that our cases complement their devices perfectly. They often tell us that a KAVAJ case makes their iPad or iPhone look even better. What more could you ask for?